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Five Pint Mary: The Band

Michael Holmes - Five Pint Mary

Michael Edward Holmes

Vocals, Guitar, Accordion, Whistle, Composer

American Musician b. 10.13.1957

I like old songs and old music. The way I see it, a song is just getting ripe at about a hundred years old. The intention behind the music was different. It was history, storytelling AND entertainment all rolled into one, in the days when illiteracy was the norm. You didn't go to the library, you heard the song.

But times have changed and the songs have followed us into the 21st century, even when they seem at times an option rather than a necessity. But they are made of stern stuff, these irish songs; they endure as the ephemeral world around them passes.

My own songs I offer as homage and with the greatest reverence (hopefully fit to share the stage with 'the limerick rake' or 'mo ghile mear'). It's a conundrum I live with everyday; write the best song you can even when you know you'll never beat one marked 'trad.'

Sarah Holmes - Five Pint Mary

Sarah Holmes

Vocals, Irish Whistle, Guitar

Whether I am belting out an Irish rocker or quietly weaving a sailor's tale, my voice is my instrument.

I have been playing music for as long as I can remember. Picking up the guitar at age 13, hanging out and singing in caves along the Mississippi River in St. Paul, purely for the magic and thrill of the echoing sounds made within them (ha! it's no wonder I like lots of reverb).

Having roots in folk, blues, rock, R&B, jazz, & gospel, the discovery of the old-world sounds of Irish/European/Celtic music has been an enlightening journey for me. Such a rich history of our evolution through song. The vocal harmonies are what I love the most...the placing of the parts, like pieces of a puzzle, then feeling that rush when they all come together as a solid wall of synchronized sound.

For a few sweet years, we had Be-Bop Coffee House, a jazz club in Bend OR, hosting hundreds of amazing shows. I have always loved the buzz of live performance, be it from the audience or from the stage. For my part, there is no better way to spend my time than to create and perform with my musical family of friends - it makes my heart beat happy!

Evan Henry Holmes

Electric Violin

Age 16 b.02.28.98

My name is Evan (little warrior) Henry (ruler of the house) Holmes. I've studied piano for five years beginning at age six, played bass in the school of rock, then switched to violin in 2009. I've been studying classical music ever since, attending two Young Musician & Artists music camps at Willamette University, and playing many concerts with my high school orchestra.

My parents take me downtown, drag me into bars and make me play Irish drinking songs to unruly people in various stages of intoxication. When one of them lands face down on the stage, my dad looks over and says "this is a part of your liberal education" or "watch out for those damn drunks...and keep playing."

Rick Havern

Banjo, Vocals

Rick started his musical career playing at a young age with his brother Mickey and a neighborhood kid Jimmy. They formed “The Rough Riders” and were soon playing at private parties and school dances. Soon the whole family got into the act and began “Unkle Billy’s Banjo Band”. Mom on mando, dad on washboard, Uncle John on drums and spoons, Mickey on bass Unkle Bill and Rick on Banjo. UBBB lasted quite a few years and played at County Fairs, Weddings, Wakes, you name it we played it.

Rick later formed “The Jug Band” for a local talent show and won!! Changing genres he joined up with some friends and started a 50’s greaser band “The Hubcaps”. He has played in several productions as part of the pit crew. Rick has always been into vocals and was president of the concert choir at school. For a while he arranged and sang backround vocals for radio commercials.

Rick has recently performed with the Central Oregon Symphony Orchestra, yes, with a banjo!! Loving most genres of music, digging up his Celtic roots, Rick has settled in with “ Five Pint Mary”, bawdy and bodacious. Composing and performing with this band has been awesome! We have so much fun interacting amongst the band and the fans. Come and check out the live show. You never know what is going to happen because we never know.

Matt Gwinup

Vocals, Mandolin, Guitar, Percussion

A Bend Native, Matt is a multi-instrumentalist who started his musical life at age five on the piano. He continued to study Piano until age 16, taking part in many festivals and some competitions . At age 16 he started playing guitar for fun and at age 20 he went off to get his musical degree from SOU in Ashland, OR. During his time at school he decided to study the guitar, leaving behind the piano for the plucked string world.

In his time at SOU he also performed in many ensembles including, Jazz band, Jazz Combo, Guitar quartet, choir, percussion ensemble, Indonesian gamelan ensemble, and west african drumming ensemble. He also started to experiment with other string instruments like ukulele, banjo, bass and mandolin for fun. Matt moved back to Bend in 2011 and has been teaching private lessons and music classes, plus playing anywhere and everywhere he can. Check out his website for more info www.matthewgwinup.com. When not rocking out with Five Pint Mary, Matt plays solo classical guitar concerts, weddings and other performances. He loves to play any and all genres of music and will never limit himself to a single style.

Matt met Michael and Sarah after their kids Evan and Nona took his School of Rock class in 2011. He started playing in the band soon after. Once the band lost their old mando player they asked Matt to step up and play the Mando. The rest is history. Never before expecting to play the mandolin in a rollicking band such as Five Pint Mary, Matt is enjoying the challenge and the incredibly fun and uptempo irish based music. He hopes to see you out on the dance floor at the next show!"

Tyler Cranor


I am a native Oregonian who returned to Bend in 2012 after studying music at the University of Oregon, as well as working across the country from Los Angeles to the D.C area. In late 2012 I joined FivePint Mary as an experimental foray into folk and traditional music. Well the experiment has been a success as it is easily one of my all time favorite bands in which to perform. That is in no small part to the energy and creative song writing that the Holmes Family and Rick Havern bring to the group.

Other groups and artists that I have performed with include, but are not limited to: Cat Call Productions, The Essentials, Haywire, Bump In The Road, Central Oregon Symphony, Newport Symphony, Eugene Symphony, Oregon Mozart Players, Oregon Tuba and Euphonium Ensemble, The Disneyland All-American College Band, Mason Williams, Bob Florence, Ron McCurdy, Shelly Burg, Jiggs Whigham, Steve Houghton, and Wayne Bergeron.

Along with FivePint Mary I also currently perform in several other Central Oregon bands, the 204th Army Band in Vancouver Washington, teach music at Central Oregon Community College, and serve as a freelance music instructor and conductor throughout the Pacific Northwest.